Great O Lakes Company Ltd.


                      "Health is Wealth"
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About Us

Great O Lakes Co.Ltd was incorporated and has been in operation since year 2002.The company primarily deals with research,promotion and marketing of value added nature-based health and nutritional products as found in the pristine abounds of the Tropical Great Lakes Region of Eastern Africa.The business is widely inspired by traditional knowledge systems and skills as relating to promotion of natural health and medicinal sustainable solutions.

More Information

We have a 48 hrs delivery lead time for bulk, wholesale and retail deliveries for all locations inside Kenya,7 days for other East Africa destinations and 30 days for other world wide destinations. All our products are certified 100% pure and natural.To ensure consistency of quality,we have over the years had close collaboration with producer farmers,research organizations,statutory bodies.

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                              Phone: +254-735-677 777

                                          P.O.Box- 7715-00100,GPO.
                                                           Nairobi , Kenya.